1. ParanoiaPhD

    A prefab system for streamlining building ( generated based on CEO's YAAAG as ref) 1.0

    Simply drop both scripts into custom scripts... Build your prefabs using movable objects is key. The objects must be movable in order to be recorded into the prefab file. Once the prefab is ready its saved with a name chosen by you to \prefabs\ where the gump will then list it as a button. The...
  2. Anomaly

    Just sharing what I'm working on.

    I'm in the process of getting an RP Server online. Part of the project requires rebuilding large portions of the base maps. I just came to share some of that work as I go. I'll dump screenshots and snippets as time goes on. It'll help in keeping me moving forward, sharing progress. Brit Castle...
  3. TheArt

    Maps CentrED+ Upload 0.7.9

    Since the site for CentrED+ is down, I decided to share my copy of CentrED+ Please make a note that I am not the creator of CentrED+ I cannot support CentrED+ as I don't even know where I could begin on bringing it back, nor do I know if it is Open Source or closed Source. You will be using...