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Maps CentrED+ Upload 0.7.9

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Since the site for CentrED+ is down, I decided to share my copy of CentrED+

Please make a note that I am not the creator of CentrED+
I cannot support CentrED+ as I don't even know where I could begin on bringing it back, nor do I know if it is Open Source or closed Source.

You will be using this program with the understanding that the original Dev isn't supporting it.

I have included a snapshot from the Wayback Machine that includes instruction on how to set up a CentrED+ server.


Now, another thing I have included as well is a way to get the program registered with your computer if you're using Windows.

The folder is called Centred Reg. You will need to open the file for things to work nicely and for CentrED+ to play nice with you.

I have changed the TilesBrush and TilesEntry to the tilesbrush/tilesentry located here.

(This is to make your life easier and my life easier).

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