1. ParanoiaPhD

    Maps New UOL Smooth Maps 1.0

    This is a new approach to helping players learn to map. I've included ready to render dev map, a script that teleports you to examples of all 85 different textures instantly, hand made pallet with each terrain color from the .aco, my custom smooth map modifications, and a quick simple tutorial...
  2. FiftyTifty

    Gaea -> UO Landscaper: unclear on GIMP importing?

    I've been using Gaea for creating terrains in WoW for a year now, and wanted to try something different. Turns out, UO does support heightmaps and colour maps through UOLandscaper! Trouble is, the threads I've found don't correctly explain how to import heightmap files. Probably due to the...
  3. TheArt

    Maps CentrED+ Upload 0.7.9

    Since the site for CentrED+ is down, I decided to share my copy of CentrED+ Please make a note that I am not the creator of CentrED+ I cannot support CentrED+ as I don't even know where I could begin on bringing it back, nor do I know if it is Open Source or closed Source. You will be using...

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush 2019-10-06

    The main barrier of entry to mapping is the terrain tilebrush. Outlands would like to see the community grow, not shrink. @m309 was generous enough to give me his tilebrush config, albeit custom to his project. We have therefor provided our Tilebrush to UO mappers who would like to use...