1. TheArt

    CentrED+ Tutorial -Video-

    General Use How to build a cave
  2. TheArt

    Misc CentrED+ Tutorial (Redone a little as well) 1.1

    I don't know everything yet about this program, but what I do know I wanted to share with everyone.
  3. Alatar

    CentrED+, Fiddler, Pol and a strange result...

    Hi, everyone. Im having a strange issue. I made a custom area (an island) in Felucca (at the blank/black space in main Britannia) using CentrED+ and i have a simple pol100 64bit to test my archives. When i used the "start here.bat" and generated the map, it's all went fine. My pol creates the...
  4. Herampto

    CentreD Scale & Resolution on Windows 10

    Hello Guys, I'm having this issue with Centred. De icons and window is too small... Allready try to change native resoltuion and font size on win 10, but the problem still here. See the picture below: