Hi to all!

I never wrote something on this forum but I use it a lot to solve many of my problems.

I've been looking for a solution for a new problem that i'm having but couldn't find anything at all.

Currently I'm working with a team on an italian custom shard.

We encounter a strange problem or bug, idk. After we've build the map with grass and other plants with custom HUE (currently using Centred+) picked from the list, we logged into the client to test the new update but we saw that the new plants were all black, as if we used an invalid hue, but with other object the same hue works.
Any suggest? I'll attach a screen when i'll get it *sigh*
The grass isn't just one color is it? Is it one of the included grass sprites or a custom add? Perhaps the grass color pallette is too small. I've run into hue issues while decorating. Sometimes you need a few variations of a hue depending on what you're coloring. I have 6 different gold hues for this reason.
A hue hues based on a gradient. Sometimes this is light to dark, sometimes dark to light, Or Dark light dark, or light dark light. Simply put you are trying to use a gradient where it is using the black part of the gradient on the dark of the image. There is nothing for it to transition too. Therefore you only get black. Solution, don't use that hue it is to crazy for the image you are trying to use it on. Use a similar hue or color. Or try using a contrast color to make the other images pop.
An extreme measure to get the absolute custom color you want is to manually paint the images or tiles and save to your muls as a new image. A robe is a good way to see how hues work. Imagine the creases of robes are the dark, the cloth is the light. Just a rough example. This is an example of hues that would probably go black on a grass tile 1677302904569.png

Example of hue that would be normal.

Example of crazy stuff that has little to no use.

Example of elemental stuff for weapons ect...

Example of abnormal hues