1. Black items in game

    Hi to all! I never wrote something on this forum but I use it a lot to solve many of my problems. I've been looking for a solution for a new problem that i'm having but couldn't find anything at all. Currently I'm working with a team on an italian custom shard. We encounter a strange...
  2. sec_goat

    Looking For Hue Changing script

    Hello All, I swear at one point in time I had seen and used a script that was a tool to change hues easily for anything in game? It was like a dye tube you could use on anything to change the hue, does this exist or has anyone seen this? Thanks!
  3. TheArt

    Misc UO Hue Editor 2021-09-01

    I figured I'd share this since the original got yeeted, I think? Anyways, a hue editing software.
  4. Falkor

    Crazy Hue 2020-06-13

    This script is originally from Ashlar for RunUO and is unmodified in any way as far as I know. Just drop the folder into your Customs directory and it should run with no issues (at least it does on my code base from Dec 2019). Each of these items means another timer so you probably want to use...
  5. Espcevan

    View Hues 2

    This was Modified from the Hue Center System. Usage: [ViewHue [mini gump] [ViewHues [Big Gump] What It Does: View your Hues in a gump Click on the Image in the [viewhues gump