1. ParanoiaPhD

    Bug when setting no item loss on death to occur.

    So I changed the code in playermobile.cs regarding what happens to your stuff when you die. Basically I made it so all your stuff goes into your back pack so you dont have to worry about item insurance anymore. Everything was working fine! I thought I succeeded and moved on. So today I...
  2. Yaron89

    Armor and Weapon Bless Deeds 1.0

    These are based off of the clothing bless deeds that come with RunUO, I am going to look into making item bless deeds later but this is an Armor bless deed and a Weapons bless deed as a quick fix. I'm going to see about making a jewelry bless deed. You will need to replace your base armor and...
  3. Rex

    Colored Lights ColoredLights.4

    If you end up using these files I only ask that you please post screenshots of the lights in use. I'd like to see what you come up with. This set of scripts and files will let you add lights that are editable. Art.mul edits are required to make this work. You may use UOfiddler or your program...