1. ParanoiaPhD

    Maps New UOL Smooth Maps 1.0

    This is a new approach to helping players learn to map. I've included ready to render dev map, a script that teleports you to examples of all 85 different textures instantly, hand made pallet with each terrain color from the .aco, my custom smooth map modifications, and a quick simple tutorial...
  2. TheArt

    Maps CentrED+ Upload 0.7.9

    Since the site for CentrED+ is down, I decided to share my copy of CentrED+ Please make a note that I am not the creator of CentrED+ I cannot support CentrED+ as I don't even know where I could begin on bringing it back, nor do I know if it is Open Source or closed Source. You will be using...

    CerntrED+ Tilebrush 2019-10-06

    The main barrier of entry to mapping is the terrain tilebrush. Outlands would like to see the community grow, not shrink. @m309 was generous enough to give me his tilebrush config, albeit custom to his project. We have therefor provided our Tilebrush to UO mappers who would like to use...