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  1. I

    Setting expansion for "new" stats gump

    Hello everyone. I've downloaded the latest ServUo from github, compiled it with almost vanilla config (just changed the player caps) and patched UO to current client. I'm using UOS to do the login. However when i login it says ExpansionSA. And when logged it doesn't show the new stats on the...
  2. T

    Serv UO with an Old Custom Map and Login Error

    Hallo everyone, i had a problem with 2 Issues with a small Project. I want to Run a Serv UO Server with a Map from a old RunUO Shard with UO ML. Now i dont know how i become these map to work with ServUO. Can anyone help me or give a little tip how can i use a custom map? Than i have a...
  3. Praxiiz

    UltimaLive 0.98

    UltimaLive v.0.98 Introduction The purpose of UltimaLive is to allow a shard to edit its maps while the game is running, stream those changes to its players in realtime, and use more than six map files. Map Editing and Streaming UltimaLive provides shard developers the ability to alter maps...