1. Sareus

    Oldschool Viewable Locked Down House Containers

    I noticed at some point UO changed the way Container in Houses were handled. At one time it was so that if someone Locked Down a Container instead of Securing it, anyone could view into it obviously not being allowed to alter it's contents. Essentially allowing them to function as display cases...
  2. Sareus

    Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels 2019-01-15

    Here are two new container class files I have loosely coded as a base for more talented people to run with. SpecialMetalsContainer.cs SpecialWoodsContainer.cs I don't currently have OSI, nor could I find any information on these new containers. I have the corresponding satchel at the bottom...
  3. Norman Lancaster

    Pandora's Gift Box 1.0.3

    Installation Place this anywhere in your Scripts directory and restart the shard. Usage Use the [add command to create a PandorasGiftBox anywhere in the world. This is a container that is only accessible by Game Masters and above. It is not moveable, but is visible. I recommend creating them...