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Publish 102 Miner's/Lumberjack's Satchels 2019-01-15

The new hunt's challenge reward containers.

  1. Sareus
    Here are two new container class files I have loosely coded as a base for more talented people to run with.


    I don't currently have OSI, nor could I find any information on these new containers. I have the corresponding satchel at the bottom of the matching class file: ex: MinersSatchel is at the bottom of the SpecialMetalsContainer.cs script.

    These containers have the reduced weight feature of the InfinityQuiver however they can hold ONE stack of Ore/Ingots or Log/Boards up to a weight of 400 while providing 50% weight reduction on whatever is inside the satchel.

    I wasn't sure how to allow the containers to allow for more than one item or how to remove the item limited all together as I states before I'm not actually sure how the OSI versions function.