1. Wilson

    Cursed Spirit

    Cursed Spirit [Boss] This Boss is like no other, it will take many hosts, the fight will be long, can you survive? "Ever watch the movie 'Fallen' : Kind of like that!" + Players taking on the Cursed Spirit are rewarded the further they get as the loot increases! Enjoy!
  2. Voxpire

    Misc Deviants and Deviations

    Deviants and Deviations Deviants are creatures that have strayed from the natural path of evolution to acquire great power, allowing them to unleash devastating abilities upon the world. These abilities arise from the many possible Deviations that embody the creatures' design and...
  3. ControlSlots Problem!

    I add some new mount creatures.but when the servuo run, all new creatures'controlslots are all become 0,and can't change.and followers are 0.I try to fix it ,and can't find the reason,Some expert who can help me to solve this. Here is one of my new script below: using System; using...