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Deviants and Deviations


Deviants are creatures that have strayed from the natural path of evolution to acquire great power, allowing them to unleash devastating abilities upon the world.
These abilities arise from the many possible Deviations that embody the creatures' design and environment.

TL,DR; This package is a sand-boxed ultra-boss system that contains creatures and abilities capable of unlimited potential, for all your player-destroying encounter needs!

The BaseDeviant class serves as a strong base for creating your own unique Deviants and handles all aspects of ability handling, timing, execution, and persistence, leaving you free to focus on the creature aesthetics.

All you need to provide are the DeviationFlags for each Deviant, this defines the types of abilities that your Deviant will naturally inherit; you do not need to assign individual abilities to your Deviant, but it is possible to do so, if you ever need to.

The abilities are directly determined by the DeviationFlags you choose; A combination of Fire and Water will yield a Deviant with the capability of using abilities that match the Fire -or- Water flags.

A simple Deviant class exists for the purposes of dynamically building a creature in-game, which can also be used to design and test DeviationFlags combinations;
All Deviants support this feature via the [Props command, selecting Deviations to enable or disable individual DeviationFlags.
This can be added in-game with [Add Deviant

Deviants are designed to be much stronger than Champions at their base level, you do not need to configure any skills, stats, or damage values when designing a Deviant; these values are automatically determined by the BaseDeviant class initialization, based on the DeviantLevel that is chosen.

This package includes some feature-complete Deviants as examples to get you started; they can be used in a production environment, ready-to-go.

The DeviantRaidBoss is like the Deviant class in terms of dynamic, it is set up to drop DeviantRaidKeys which can be used to access DeviantRaidTeleporters; the amount of keys dropped and the amount required to teleport can be configured dynamically.
This 3-part mechanic is designed to allow you to create gates scenarios where players must kill one DeviantRaidBoss in order to advance to the next; with the teleporters acting as the gates to the next arena, room, or dungeon area.

The DeviantAbility class serves as a base for all Deviant abilities; this is the most important aspect of the Deviation system.
This package includes many production-ready abilities with a good mix of DeviationFlags being supported.
Adding custom abilities should be simple with so many examples available, but the API provided is designed to be intuitive and easy to learn.
Abilities range from very simple to extremely complex, anything is possible, even the things you believed couldn't be done (or at least so easily)!

Now it's time to unleash destruction upon your world!
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