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Deviants and Deviations - An ultra-boss and ability system designed to destroy your players in the most stylish ways possible.

Deviants and Deviations

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Deviants are creatures that have strayed from the natural path of evolution to acquire great power, allowing them to unleash devastating abilities upon the world.
These abilities arise from the many possible Deviations that embody the creatures' design and environment.

TL,DR; This package is a sand-boxed ultra-boss system that contains creatures and...

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Absolutely love these for a high-end end-game content boss!

One question that you may know the answer to off the top of your head versus me digging for hours through the code. Could a DeviantAbility be used with a pet? Meaning, could you give say a white wyrm (that's tamed) the ability to do Hailstorm or IceWeave, or would the AI for targeting damage players instead of enemies?