1. Wilson


    ~ Dynamic φ Spawning φ System ~ About This system is meticulously crafted to streamline the majority of main spawns through a new player spawner, eliminating the need for placing hundreds, if not thousands, of individual spawners. The primary objective is to minimize overhead and seamlessly...
  2. Leveled Spawn Controller 1.5

    This is an item that controls the default Spawners that come with the emulator. (This does not work with xmlSpawners. I may look into adding it later). This is an item that simply holds a list of Spawners, and when activated, will cause them to spawn in order. To use this item, create one...
  3. Voxpire

    Misc Deviants and Deviations

    Deviants and Deviations Deviants are creatures that have strayed from the natural path of evolution to acquire great power, allowing them to unleash devastating abilities upon the world. These abilities arise from the many possible Deviations that embody the creatures' design and...