1. TheArt

    Art Crystal Set 2021-05-03

    Original Set from: WarWeed Put the floor in twice, one as normal tagged, the other tagged as translucent and/or transparent.
  2. World Boss Event In A Box - Drag And Drop 2019-01-21

    This is something I created for a month long event. Place the crystal on any mobs. When a player gets a crystal he can either save or double click it and summon the boss where he is at. The boss has a chance to drop a custom Mask and another crystal for a weaker tamable dragon that looks like...
  3. Sareus

    OSI Crystal Balls 2017-06-22

    Was browsing through the forums and I found this posted about Crystal Balls: It got me intrigued so I did some digging and discovered the follow: Crystal Balls...