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OSI Crystal Balls 2017-06-22

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Was browsing through the forums and I found this posted about Crystal Balls:

It got me intrigued so I did some digging and discovered the follow:
Crystal Balls (Unblessed) [Does nothing Deco] = Monster Loot from back in the day

Crystal Balls (Blessed) [Snowy Scene] = Glitched Snowglobes from redeeming tickets when they were released

Blessed (non-named crystal ball) [Ask and Answer] = Are glitched Ask and Answer Globes that suffered from the vendor discription bug.

Crystal Ball (Blessed) [Ask and Answer] = Regular non-glitched Globes.

Link Below has Pictures of all four in a bag (Its Forum Post #6):


So naturally I got bored and coded all of them into a single CrystalBalls.cs file:

Crystal Ball (Blessed) [Ask and Answer] = AskAndAnswer (working, correctly propertied Ask and Answer.)

Blessed (non-named crystal ball) [Ask and Answer] = AskAndAnswerBlessed (Made it Newbied so it's blessed without anything except the name showing it)

Crystal Balls (Blessed) [Snowy Scene] = SnowGlobeGlitch (won't conflict with default snow globe as the default snow globe isn't constructable by its self. The default requires you to pick a SnowGlobeType. EX: [add snowglobeone)

Crystal Balls (Unblessed) [Does nothing Deco] = CrystalBall (Old school non-blessed lootable crystal ball)
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