1. Voxpire

    Service Invasions

    Summary: Invasions is a Vita-Nex: Core Service that provides a comprehensive API for creating and managing complex regional assaults. Features: Comprehensive UI for spawn, loot, rank, level, and prize configuration, to allow you to easily build complex regional assaults with great loot and...
  2. Voxpire

    Service Instanced Map API + Instanced Dungeons

    Summary: Instanced Maps is a Vita-Nex: Core Service that provides the API necessary for dynamically creating, managing, and destroing new facets (maps). Instanced Dungeons is an additional (included) feature that relies on the Instanced Maps service in order to generate and populate new themed...
  3. otimpyre

    Dungeon Bookshelves 1.0

    Created as a part of some dungeon tweaks I am working on. Didn't like how making the shelves aged and dusty also colored all the books. So I colored the shelf and lowered the saturation of the books.