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Invasions is a Vita-Nex: Core Service that provides a comprehensive API for creating and managing complex regional assaults.


  • Comprehensive UI for spawn, loot, rank, level, and prize configuration, to allow you to easily build complex regional assaults with great loot and rewards.
  • Invade towns and dungeons, or decimate a named custom region with an event to remember!
  • Full damage, kills and score tracking with real-time UI updates for all participants who dare to defend the assault, or turn up to watch from a safe distance.
  • Invasions can be scheduled automatically or started manually on impulse by a member of staff with sufficient access.
  • Enabling Invasion Portals when setting up an Invasion will cause the Invasion to spawn gates in the target region, and the creature spawn will tend to congregate around them.
    • These gates can be attacked by defenders for bonus points and do not function as any kind of teleporter.
    • With this feature disabled, creature spawns will appear at any valid spawning location within the target region, no gates will be spawned.
  • Moongates may optionally be spawned in all towns automatically at the start of an Invasion that will allow players to teleport to the assaulted region quickly.
  • Invasions may be set up with a Gold Pool, this is an amount of Gold that is distributed among all participants at the end of the Invasion.
  • The Gold Pool split is based on each participants' total percentage of damage contributed to the overall Invasion.


[Invade, [Invasion, [Invasions
Opens an interface that allows you to manage all Invasions.
Players in an Invasion Region can open the Invasion Details UI.


Coloured Buttons in the Edit UI
  • YELLOW: Edit an entry.
  • GREEN: Entry is ENABLED (Click to DISABLE)
  • RED: Entry is DISABLED (Click to ENABLE)
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Latest Updates

  1. Updated Support

    Minor update to compile-time directives for futureproofing.

    Fixes some UI display issues. Fixes a missing critical access level check.