1. Bonaccorso

    Could you recommend the best map editor?

    Hello! I'm trying to find out what can be the best editor if I need to edit some parts of existing maps? Client is pretty late, definitely not 7.0.20. CentrED+ doesn't seem to work with it.
  2. TheArt

    Misc UO Hue Editor 2021-09-01

    I figured I'd share this since the original got yeeted, I think? Anyways, a hue editing software.
  3. deccer

    Ahoy :)

    Hi guys I am deccer. I have been lurking around this forum for quite some time, now its time to say hi. I'm a fulltime software engineer at day and wannabe game/graphics engine developer at night. Currently I am working on UO Studio. A rewrite of CentrED/CentrED+ in c#. You can find out more...
  4. Praxiiz

    UltimaLive 0.98

    UltimaLive v.0.98 Introduction The purpose of UltimaLive is to allow a shard to edit its maps while the game is running, stream those changes to its players in realtime, and use more than six map files. Map Editing and Streaming UltimaLive provides shard developers the ability to alter maps...