1. Erachiro

    Xantho's Suite 1.0

    So lately we have been getting a lot of threads based on the current edition we have of the Evo creatures which is not updated for the Pub57 yet. So I am deciding to upload my updated version of Xantho's Scripts. What is all in this is - Evo Creatures - Shrink System - Utilities Instructions...
  2. Erachiro

    Evo Swamp Dragon Barding Deed Evo Swamp Dragon Barding deed 1.0

    This adds a simple Barding deed dedicated to the Evo Swamp Dragon. Credits to kfritz411 for the base idea
  3. Scrolls Of Transcendence For Evo Mercs 2017-05-01

    This works just like the player scrolls of Transcendence but for Evo Mercs.