1. Grave Digging 2020-07-31

    Grave Digging is a new harvest system that allows players to exhume bones, human remains, equipment, and other buried items from cemitaries throughout the world. The common resources: By default, necromancer reagents as well as bones and fertile dirt are gathered. The gathering of Necromancer...
  2. Custom Grave Digging Harvest system help

    Hey, so I'm creating a new harvest definition, Grave Digging, for the Mining harvest system. I have the system mostly working.. The only real issue is that there's no cap on the number of resources that can be harvested from one vein and it just allows you dig at one grave infinitely. Here is...
  3. demented

    GraveRobbing 2017-05-24

    I take no credit for this, just ported over from RunUO