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Grave Digging 2020-07-31

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Grave Digging is a new harvest system that allows players to exhume bones, human remains, equipment, and other buried items from cemitaries throughout the world.
The common resources:
By default, necromancer reagents as well as bones and fertile dirt are gathered.

The gathering of Necromancer reagents through this system can be turned on or off:
If you do this, the common resources will include:
bones and fertile dirt.

To turn off the gathering of necromancer reagents:
Go to GraveNode.cs, go to line 20, and change:
private bool Regs = true;

Once it is set to false, the common materials will be bones and fertile dirt.

Other resources:
- human bones: ( rib cages, pelvis bones, jaw bones, etc.) can be chopped for additional bones.
- Equipment: random weapons or armor with added attributes. Max possible attribues on a piece of gear is your Forensics skill / 20.
- Scrolls: random magery or necromancy scrolls.
- Treasure Maps: Randomly leveled with max level depending on Forensics skill.
- Grave Digging Items: A random assortment of body parts, ruined books, or other decorations for homes. They all say "exhumeed from a grave" under the name.
- Unearthed bones: Human remains that con tain random equipment and gold.
- Unearthed jewelry boxes: A box that contains a random number of jewelry (max is 10) with random properties ( max is 5).
- House Addons: custom grave themed house addons, including: coffins, graves, and gravestones.

Replace your HarvestTarget.cs file with the one in the folder and just drag and drop all of the other files in your custom folder.

How it works:
If you are on an admin character, you'll notice that each time you harvest in a new location, a 'grave node' item will be generated. This is where the harvesting info is drawn from. The item is invisible to players and does not need to be interacted with at all to allow the system to work. Once the item runs out of charges, people in the area will no longer be able to harvest resources from that node. After 20 mins, the 'grave node' item will decay and allow players to harvest from that area again. Grave Nodes will also be deleted upon restart of the server.

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