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Custom Abilities for your monsters 2.0

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This is an attempt to make fun and cool custom abilities that are (relatively) easy for others to implement into their server. There are 16 abilities in total and many of these abilities have modifiers that allow you to change how they look for each mob that uses it.
Abilities Like, Famestrike targeted, flamestrike aoe, firebolt and geyser have elemental customization oprions which are: Fire, Ice, Poison, Energy, Water, Steam, Necrotic, or Holy. Each option changes the color and damage type of the skill.
The range and hue of many of the other abilities can be altered as well.

1) Flame Strike Targeted: Casts a Flame strike on the target. simple and straight forward. has elemental customization options.
2)Charge: The monster charges at the player from a distance. The range can be altered on this skill.
3)Flame Strike Aoe: Creates a circle of flame strikes around the monster and damages all players and pets within. Has range and elemental customization.
4)Firebolt: Fires a simple fireball at the target. Also has elemental customization.
5)Ambush: Monster vanishes and reappears at the target's location to deliver a damaging attack.
6)Geyser: A swirling pool is created beneath the player, and after a short duration, a large geyser erupts from that spot. If the player moves out of the way in time, they can avoid the blast. This has elemental customization options.
7)Ice Prison: The target is trapped in a block of ice for a short duration. The hue and item id of the prison can be changed.
8)Walking Bomb: A target is marked for a short duration before an explosion erupts on top of them. Any nearby player is damaged by the blast as well.
9)Meteor Strike: A shadow appears over a target player, and after a short duration a meteor comes crashing down and damages anyone standing in that location. If the player moves out of the way in time, they can avoid the damage.
10) Meteor Shower: The enemy calls down a flurry of meteors at random locations nearby the target.
11) Thunderstorm: All nearly targets are stuck by lightning.
12) Throw Boulder: The creature throws a large boulder at a target location. Any player that is caught in the area is hit and knocked down for a short duration.
13) Zap: Sends out a bolt of electricity that temporarily paralyses the target.
14) Toxic Rain: The target is doused in toxic rain for a short duration, leaving pools of acid wherever they step.
14) Toxic Spores: Creates a circle of exploding mushrooms around the target, damaging anyone in the area and leaving pools of acid in the area that damage anyone who dares to step in it.
15) Impale Aoe: Stalagmites erupt from the ground and pierce anyone in the area. Anyone caught in the aoe will start bleeding. The hue item ID of the stalagmites can be changed to anything you want.

Each ability shows an example of how it can be used within the code for the ability itself. In Addition, this comes with custom mobiles as examples to help you see how it works. You can call the ability through: CustomAbility.CheckTrigger(caster, ability) or you can use the CustomAbilityList if your creature is using multiple abilities at a time.

This is an example of how Adding an ability to your monster would look like:
This code is placed in the class. You can see examples of this in the mobiles in the pakcage.
    Firebolt fb = new Firebolt();
Then, to make that monster cast the ability, it would look like this:
        public override void OnThink()
            CustomAbility.CheckTrigger(this, fb);
If you wanted to add multiple abilities to one creature:

    Firebolt fb = new Firebolt();
    FlameStrikeTargeted fst = new FlameStrikeTargeted();
    IcePrison ip = new IcePrison();
    FlameStrikeAoe fsa = new FlameStrikeAoe();
    CustomAbilityList list;
Then, to allow the creature to cast all of those abilities using the custom ability list:

        public override void OnThink()
        if( list == null)
            list = new CustomAbilityList();
            fst.Type = FlameStrikeTargeted.StrikeType.Ice;
            fb.Type = Firebolt.BoltType.Ice;
            fb.SetDamage(10, 14);
            fst.SetDamage(18, 21);
            //flameStrikeAoe is not added to the list b/c it's only used on death in this case.


I really hope this is enough explain how to implement these skills into your server and onto your creatures, and hope people find them fun and interesting. Any questions are welcome in the comments. I had a lot of fun creating these and if the community seems to like them, I'll probably make some additions.
Thanks and enjoy,
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