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Admin Tools: Admin Runebook, convenience gumps, and more! 1.0

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Admin Runebook - A Runebook where locations can be added with zero restrions and a lot of added benefits.
-Travel: travel to any added location without any restrictions.
-Admin Gate: A gate that can be restricted to staff only, or allow players to enter.
-Send Player: Send any player to that target location.
-Create rune: create a rune of any of your locations.
-Copy Entries: You can copy all of the entries in your book to give it to other staff members.


Admin Token - The token allows staff to enter 'Player Mode' and experience the game through their perspective for up to 5 minutes.
-If your health get low, the Token will try to save you by making you invulnerable for a duration then healing you back to full. If you die while in Player Mode, you'll be resurrected and your previous staff mode will be restored.
- Once double clicked, your Access level will be remembered.
- Your Access level can be restored to you be double clicking them item again, by having low health, by dying, or by waiting the 5 minute duration.


Command Gump - A tool bar with useful commands. Easy access without having to type the commands out or bind them to macros.
-Teleport: Mimics the "[m tele" command for multiple teleportations.<br>
-Hide: hide or reveal yourself with one button. Mimics the "[hide" and [unhide" commands.
-Bless: Make yourself invulverable or vulnerable. Mimics "[immortal" and "[moral" commands.
-Kill: Kills any mobile. Mimics the "[kill" command.<br>
-Remove: Delete any BaseCreature or Item. Mimics the "[remove" command.
-Props: Get the properties or any object. Mimics the "[pops" command.

SOS Gump - A panic gump in case you are damaged, or poisoned.
- Gives you the option of:
- Full Heal: Heals your to full heath.
- Cure: cures any poison.
- Bless: Become invulerable.

View Effect Item - An item that allows you to see different items and effects look like in-gome, with different hues and render modes, before you add them to your custom scripts.
Options that can be customized Include:
ItemID, EffectHue, Speed, RenderMode, Height, and Duration.
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