1. PicoMarzio

    How to create a new account

    Hi, i've searched fot it, but i didn't manage to find what i'm searching for, i would like to crate a new account in my server to test whith a non Owner account, how can i do it? Thank you very much.
  2. UOTopia

    Error When Loading Saved Object Help!

    Anyone have any clue how to fix? Migrated to a new server host same company, uploaded my backed up ServUO Shard and it wont boot on the new remote host. Was working perfect before host migration to a new remote VDS.. Any advice would be great and helpful.
  3. Setting expansion for "new" stats gump

    Hello everyone. I've downloaded the latest ServUo from github, compiled it with almost vanilla config (just changed the player caps) and patched UO to current client. I'm using UOS to do the login. However when i login it says ExpansionSA. And when logged it doesn't show the new stats on the...
  4. lyricdear

    Hey! I hope this is the right forum!

    So this isn't a particular version; I'm using a RunUO Fork that's converted to .net 5 SDK for use with windows 10. The code is basically the same, though. So I'm running into this issue: For this snippet of code from the Universal Storage Keys: I thought I followed the directions to the...
  5. Looking for Testers

    Britannia's End is looking for testers. We need all types of players (melee, magic, crafters, etc.) to put our work through its paces. The NPCs (mostly vendors) and some skills have been customized to fit the shard's lore. You will be given access to the shard, as well as to our bug...
  6. Greystar

    Jokue's staff runbook

    It seems the staff runebook is causing MULTIPLE third backups I mean every time it makes a new one it doesn't delete the old one and it's causing my HD to get filled up. I am trying to tweak it to actually close the Rune Account.xml fire properly. For some reason it is not and it is making...