looking for help

  1. Need help getting started

    So I have never been good at the whole getting a server up and running. Once i have it up it seems to be no problem. I was hoping that someone here would be kind enough to help me through the process more 1 on 1. What i have done so far: Downloaded servuo master, downloaded uo classic client...
  2. darkendphoenix

    Hello! I'm pretty new to all of this and could use some assistance

    Hello all, i am not an experienced coder and barely know what I'm doing but i am learning how to make new equipment and items. I've figured out how to make weapons and armour with some help. Currently i am working on some more kinds of horns akin to the fire horn but am having trouble figuring...
  3. Amadora

    Question Regarding Animations

    How do you add .VD files to fiddler so you can have the new creature on your server? I have been trying to find info on google and can not find anything and there is a lot of creatures I would like to add to my server!