1. TheArt

    Animations Classic Red Dragon (Ridable) 2021-04-23

    Classic Ridable Red Dragon (Large Sized) Requires L Slot, does not have a P slot which means YOU WILL need to replace an L slot mount from Anim 2 or higher.
  2. TheArt

    Animations Flesh Renderer Mount 2021-04-23

    Don't ask questions.... This is a L Slot Flesh Renderer, so... you could replace an Low slot with this flesh renderer if you want to use it's high slot. You can use this Flesh Renderer even as a mount (I know I will be) I hope you enjoy it, I know I will.
  3. Aschnyder26

    GM Ethereal - Tiger added 1.0

    I was looking for this resource here and could only find one posted in 2014. It was not compatible with RunUO so I updated it to work with the latest RunUO since that's what I run. I did not write this script. Credit goes to snicker7. GMEthereal.cs Version 1.2 [RunUO 2.0] snicker7 Released...
  4. Zigholtul88

    Ridable Capybara 2020-08-08

    Not sure if this has been released so far since I was unable to track one as of recently. It basically uses the same stats as a horse along with sound bytes from a giant rat. Just plug into your customs folder and enjoy.
  5. ParanoiaPhD

    Bug when setting no item loss on death to occur.

    So I changed the code in playermobile.cs regarding what happens to your stuff when you die. Basically I made it so all your stuff goes into your back pack so you dont have to worry about item insurance anymore. Everything was working fine! I thought I succeeded and moved on. So today I...
  6. Shazzy

    Tarantula Mount 1.0

    Here is a nice mount. Poison is great, but FIRE BAD! He is difficult to tame, but fun. Enjoy! Shazzy
  7. Shazzy

    Palomino <--Proper Spelling 1.2

    This is a really nice looking mount. It has a much better gallop graphic than horses, which should be updated. The stats are just that of a horse, with higher taming skill needed. I have no official information on this mount, so feel free to change it as you see fit. Personally, I will...