1. Hello Hello,

    Whatsss going on Servuo? Hope all is well. Newbie here, stuck and trying to get some footing. Reading through other peoples new player/new to servuo stuff and trying to figure out where to start and where the newbie area is, i found a few people replying to threads and linking to a "get started...
  2. Another FNG Asking Qs...

    Hello, everyone! Over 10 years ago, I played UO religiously for almost 10 years and have recently wandered my way back to it, somehow. After spending a few weeks meandering different servers and talking a few friends into trying it out, I'd like to start a hobby project Shard of my own. I...
  3. RedRooster

    Art New Sword Gumps 1

    This set includes 4 New Sword Gump Graphics pictured below. Hope you guys enjoy! I'll be releasing more content involving weps/armor/offhand items soon! : )
  4. World Boss Event In A Box - Drag And Drop 2019-01-21

    This is something I created for a month long event. Place the crystal on any mobs. When a player gets a crystal he can either save or double click it and summon the boss where he is at. The boss has a chance to drop a custom Mask and another crystal for a weaker tamable dragon that looks like...
  5. Savage

    Command to add Body Values 1.0 2018-12-30

    Just a command to add all "working" body values. What do I mean "working"? Not all the values are even visible. Some are even Dangerous. One in particular is very bad. Anyways, thank you Ice for this nice tool.
  6. Shazzy

    Palomino <--Proper Spelling 1.2

    This is a really nice looking mount. It has a much better gallop graphic than horses, which should be updated. The stats are just that of a horse, with higher taming skill needed. I have no official information on this mount, so feel free to change it as you see fit. Personally, I will...