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Hello, everyone! Over 10 years ago, I played UO religiously for almost 10 years and have recently wandered my way back to it, somehow. After spending a few weeks meandering different servers and talking a few friends into trying it out, I'd like to start a hobby project Shard of my own.

I actually hold a completely unused degree in Game Design but it's getting old and I don't retain unused knowledge very well. Please be patient with me as I ask a couple "point me in the right direction to get me started and I'll do the rest" questions.

I'll attempt to briefly summarize my steps taken prior to asking my question so as to provide a basic mutual understanding as to what I'm looking at trying to accomplish and (hopefully) making it easier to respond armed with specifics.

Top of the priority list is a custom map. Mobiles in the future, potentially, but a custom map is at the top of the priority list. Since my wife would likely scalp me if I start pumping money into this, I was planning on using GIMP to generate the required bmps. In everyone's experience, is this wise/possible or do you recommend something else?

While attempting to use just about every version of CentrED and CentrED+ I can find, I'm running in to a couple issues.

With CentrED, pointing it's UO Directory field at my 2D installation path results in it not finding the art and artidx muls. Scratching my head, I went to the directory and I can't find them, either. How do I generate, access, or reveal these files?

With CentrED+, it obviously can't patch because the author <reacted> <reacted> <reacted> <reacted> <reacted> and for that reason, it can't be patched. I've found the post referencing the zipped cache and registry. Will someone please remind my dumb<blank> how to add that registry key and where, specifically? Windows 98 taught me that without explicit explanation, registry fiddling is bad, lol. I'll always ask for clear instructions over rolling the dice on a re-install.

Solved I can start and connect to a straight out of the box ServUO server and fiddle around with things like the admin menu, etc....but there's no mobiles and no doors anywhere to be seen. I assume these are handled via additional scripts. How are these run on startup and deployed here in the UO landscape? Can anyone point me towards a detailed guide/tutorial and save me a few hours of Googling around?

That's all I have for the moment. Just to reiterate, I'm not seeking a hand holding episode here. If there's (preferably written) resources that are commonly used and reasonably up-to-date, I'd be just as satisfied with a link to them/it.

Again, thank you for your patience and time offered in assisting. In repayment here and I'm sure more to come, I am keeping detailed notes on steps taken only after I find success so that I can put together both a guide/tutorial that will aim to consolidate all these random questions into one easily cited MegaFAQ, so to speak.

EDIT: I realized given the amount of available tools, I might need to expand on what I'm trying to do:

Map: I'd like to implement both Fel and Tram rulesets, but from a significantly different angle by using mountain passes as "moongates" to transition between the two areas. The Tram ruleset would be significantly smaller in scale and offer options for items and gearing equivalent to that found in the Fel ruleset, but at a much slower rate (reduced % drop rates, fewer options, etc).

Content: If possible, I'd like to retain access to....well...all of the everything and cut down/out things I don't want present. Specifically, some items but also skill limitations. For example, reduced effectiveness of non-complimentary skills within templates...say....Chiv and Necromancy both suffer significant hits in performance if they are both present. I'm also interested in further reducing the stats of fresh tamed pets by an additional percentage to lower their effectiveness and influence currently standard training paths by effectively eliminating points without just flat out reducing the amount of available training points.

Yes, I'm trying to find ways to better nerf Samps and Tamers.

I'd also like to develop and deploy a few additional skills and starting templates and make sweeping changes to a few existing skills.

I envision four factions, two PC and two NPC.

I'll also be attempting an additional player mouseover and name hue passed to all characters on an account based on a set of parameters reached by any character on said account, reverse-able if another set of parameters are reached, resetting the flag to its default setting in order to be re-applied if the triggered set of parameters is reached again.
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I can help you get CentrED up and going, but I'm really not great at explaining things through text. If you ever find yourself in the SERVUO discord, hit me up. id be happy to walk you through it.

I'd appreciate it. I have 3 small kids being home schooled so my uninterrupted voice comms timeframe is fairly limited. For the CentrED issue, I just need to know how to gain access to the art files. If I'm reading what I've researched correctly, I need to convert some newer files to the older file format and approach it that way. I just haven't had time to investigate further and confirm this, though.

Let me get back to you. My usual timeframe is around 8pm - 11pm EST, give or take.