1. New (old) player

    Hey! Played UO years ago on a server called Xanadu. Recently decided to pick it back up and was trying to see if there’s shard like that around, or if it’s even still available. Thanks!
  2. Hello Hello,

    Whatsss going on Servuo? Hope all is well. Newbie here, stuck and trying to get some footing. Reading through other peoples new player/new to servuo stuff and trying to figure out where to start and where the newbie area is, i found a few people replying to threads and linking to a "get started...
  3. Dexter_Lexia

    PVP Tournament System

    Dexter's PVP Tournament System, Version In this system, you can host arena duels, or create/participate in PVP tournaments! This system is 100% drag/drop compatible with the newest ServUO version. Most functions of this system can be easily discovered using the tournament stone gump...