Played UO years ago on a server called Xanadu. Recently decided to pick it back up and was trying to see if there’s shard like that around, or if it’s even still available.

This is the result of a google search. I don't know what shard is and whether it works. You wanted Xanadu, this is Xanadu.
Hello played way back in the day. I got a wild notion to setup a server so here I’m total new to this. So far I have Servuo up and running both 2d and enchanted. So much to relearn for sure. Great site to learn . Thank you.
I started playing Outlands UO, and its what got me back into running my own server again. I want to learn how to build custom maps. What they did with the game is amazing and they have around 2-3k players online at all times. Great server and its super easy to install. They managed to pack everything in 1 installer and it just runs out of the box. I have no clue how they did it, but damn, good on them.

Check it out.