1. D4rkh0bb1T

    NPC Heal Self - How To?

    I want to create a NPC with player abilities. I think if my NPC is set to AI.Mage they will cast Heal sometime but not sure? ***But I cant get my NPC to heal himself with Bandages, just like a player would do, even with bandages in backpack.*** (Added into spawn entry : SKILL,healing/120/) I...
  2. Barclay

    Robert the walking Fortune cookie 2

    I have an old TXT file from a UNIX server in the late 80s. It was designed to supply a random fortune cookie every time it was run, during login for example. I've made some modifications and we now have Robert the walking fortune cookie. Dressed in his robes and with the title "The Seer" Robert...
  3. RedBeard

    Randomly moving NPC 2017-01-22

    Thanks @Po0ka for help with this. This is an NPC script that moves the mobile to different pre set locations based on a timer. In this example I made a Thief Guildmaster, other ideas I had for this were moving caravans or camps. Best to put this on a XMLSpawner so yo can track movement.