Legendary Master of Skills

Legendary Master of Skills

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Legendary Master of Skills


The Legendary Master of Skills is an NPC designed to offer players the chance to
earn a
powerscroll by completing a series of tasks. This feature is
particularly beneficial for solo players who seek an alternative to
champ spawns for obtaining

Requirements for Tasks

To be eligible for tasks, players must meet the following criteria:

Skill Limitation
Players can only receive tasks for skills that are not already capped at 120.

Skill Mastery
Players must be maxed out in the skill for which they want to receive a task.

Task Limitation
Players can only have one task active at a time.

The tasks will require players to kill a random number of creatures.

Time Limit
There is a time limit for completing the task, which will
increase by 10 minutes with each kill.


Upon successfully killing all required creatures within the time limit, players
will be rewarded with a
powerscroll, allowing them to progress an
additional 5 levels in the skill until they reach the cap of 120.

There is a small chance to get a stat scroll too, and
even a smaller chance to get anything higher than +5.

Player Speech Commands

To interact with the Legendary Master of Skills, players can
use the following speech commands:

Add Task
Players can say “give task [skill name]” to request a task for a specific skill.

Remove Task
Players can say “remove task” to cancel their active task.

This system ensures that players can continue to develop their
skills and gain
powerscrolls through engaging solo activities.
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