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UO Black Box

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ServUO 57/58

UO Black Box

UO Black Box is a versatile set of utilities and tools specifically designed for the staff members who design Ultima Online. Its range of features enables game designers to perform a variety of tasks with ease, such as finding and selecting items, setting hues, and creating decorations.

This toolset was developed to provide game designers with a more efficient and enjoyable experience while editing and building the game. UO Black Box includes a comprehensive array of features, including search and filter tools, multi-selection options, and various decoration tools.

Moreover, the toolset is customizable, allowing game designers to add or remove tools as per their requirements. Overall, UO Black Box represents a powerful set of tools that significantly enhances the game design process for staff members.

This project will grow over the coming months as more tools are added!
-See Roadmap

*100% Rebuilt from the ground up : Internal Tool System*


*Some images might no be exactly as tool due to changes/additions*

Road Map:
Project Started - Started Apr 6 / 23


-Main GUI - (Done)
-Black Box Item - (Done)

-Decor Tool-

-Decor Tool GUI - (Done)
-Art Viewer/Selector/Placement (Done)
-Art Search (Done)
-Art Removal (Done)
-Art Modify Color (Done)
-Art Modify Location (Done)
-Art Replace (Done)
-Art Random (Done)

-Future Tools-

-Travel Assistant (Done)
-Gump Editor (Done)
-Heat Map (Done)
-Blueprint/Build Generator (Working On)
-Script Generator
-Streaming Assistant
-AI Assistant

-Additions- Core (ServUO 57)

-58 Conversion (Done)
-Log Box Commands (Done)
-Instructions (Done)
-Undo (Done)
-UI Profiles
-Auto Report Errors


Download and Place in ServUO/Scripts/Services add either Ver 57 or 58 > UOArtHook.cs!
namespace Server.Services.UOBlackBox

-Install Custom Map Gump Art: See ReadMe in GumpArt Folder-

*On first start or if you reload the art, you need to run the server as administrator

Compile/Restart : Black Box will auto spawn in the backpacks of staff!

Once you have added a black box, while in pack, double click to start!

Each menu has ? with further instructions!

**Use [ReloadBoxArt if you edit your UO files to reload the new art!

*Additions Since Launched*


[ Map Tool ]

-3 Types of Travel (Teleport/Special/Gate)
-Staff (Shared) & Private Maps
-Add/Remove Locations on either Staff/Private Maps
-Reads Existing XML Locations, Custom Shard Friendly
-Shows Staff/Players and Your location
-Live Tracking Toggle : for players & you
-Comes with gump art, editable for custom shards *(retain w/h sizes)
- see ? for more info


[Heat Map]

Track Player Events
Find out where all the action is and use the data to improve your shard!

-Creature Deaths
-Player Deaths
-Crafting Success
-Harvesting Success
-Taming Success
-Quest Completion
-Vendor Sales
-Vendor Purchases

Screenshot 2023-05-13 125214.png

[Gump Editor]

Build gump layouts and save to script!!

First release
Last update
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