UO Black Box

UO Black Box

No permission to download
*Started to Organize Box Layout : Maps Moved to Main Control
*Added Gump Editor
*Cleaned up some minor bugs
*Major overhaul on the internal workings of how the box functions
*Added Heat Map - use to get feedback on player activity
*Changed how blackbox is received, it now auto spawns in the pack of staff!
*Refactored and Cleaned up code

**You'll be required to delete the old blackbox item, don't be worried, this is intended!
+Private map - Now you can save your personal locations, see instructions*
+Refactored and cleaned up a few bugs!
+Restructured Folders, so make sure to delete your old BB before installing, don't merge!
+Fixed potential hang up if you push the anti system beyond its limits, which you can try now but be for warned lol!

+Added new feature to Map Tool, now you can toggle Teleport/Special and Gate to make travel more interesting!

+Cleaned up my desk and played with the Kittens!
+Finished Decor Tool - For Now
+Added new button on search tool, 'Find by Target'
+Added Travel Tool - So far only has Map Tool (see Below)
-Map Tool - allows you to jump around existing go locations in the xml files, to add/remove default locations, edit the default xml files, otherwise you can add custom shared locations in the tool and remove them! The map also shows you, staff and players, all but you are buttons that take you to them. When you press yourself, you turn on Live Tracking, the map will update every sec with new locations of you/staff/players!

Screenshot 2023-04-15 175505.png

*Picture taken in development - Not Current!
*Added Random Tool - 90% done!
*Hot Fix - if you place art that doesn't have image
*House Keeping
*Fixed a crash with tiled art, my bad, forgot to add previous fix to tile commands!
*Fixed crash with deleting art that was placed by tool
*Fixed gumps staying open if you delete the box while in use
*Fixed bug where UnDo Gump caused the tool to not shut off!
*Added first part of the new 'Random Tool'
-To use, select art in art viewer, then select slot to copy art id to, once filled, use freq to place random art within selection! This only has the single place atm, will be adding bounding box placement in next update!

*Fixed opening messages appearing if gump already open!

*Kicked the can!
Added Undo Tool, make a mistake, hit undo!
Added offset positioning of the tools when first opened
*Going to add a 'last position' save feature, for next update
Fixed custom (ItemID/Search/Z) entries resetting on use
Swept & mopped the floor!

What tool should come next?

1. Travel Assistant
2. Gump Editor
3. Box Architect
4. Other <Suggestion>
*Added Auto Version Check - Ensures you are always running latest version!
*Minor typo fixes
* Fixed potential issue if you had more than one Black Box in your backpack
* Fixed Start Up Box Logo to appear again
* Added a short ReadMe
* Added more feedback to user via control messages
*Fixed bug with box not turning off
*Fixed bug in Area/Replace where it could be possible to rename mobiles
*Updated Version Selection Set Up and Support File