1. Kirito

    Pet Experience Scroll 1.0

    Description: The package contains 6 scrolls to raise the pet experience. Installation instructions: 1) Put all package files in your scripts core folder. 2) Run ServUO.exe 3) Enjoy! Author: Lucifer
  2. N

    Ancient Windrunner 2018-03-23

    This is one of the custom mounts on UO Darwinism. I've also included a claim scroll which will give out the donation version of the pet, level 30, and bonded. - Daemon Pack Instinct - Equine Pack Instinct - Fire Breathe - Explosion Lightning Bolt Attack - Randomly Tamable - Two variations. --...
  3. P

    Scrolls Of Transcendence For Base Creature 2017-05-01

    This works just like the Player Scrolls Of Transcendence but on Base Creature that are not Evo Mercs