player rewards

  1. Recruiting for 5 Kings!

    Ultima Online 5 Kings features a just about constant state of becoming more and more interesting. Currently the server operates like base game but more will be included soon. 5 Kings starts with the adventurer being plunged into the heart of chaos being that the 5 kings have been at war for many...
  2. tass23

    Shard Gifts: Custom Currency & Player Rewards for time spent online.

    This was originally posted on RunUO, but I converted it to work on my 'shard. Should work with pretty much any repo. Reward Items: Rolled up scroll bundle. Stackable. Deeds available for larger amounts. Built-in system to award players X amount of Reward Items every hour spent online on the...
  3. tass23

    Dragon Head Trophies 1

    Client version: If you do not have that client or higher (SA starts at, but this system was made under, the itemID for the heads will not exist (its the Stygian Dragon head). Skins itemID: 0x1079 / 4217 Trophy itemID: 0x2234 / 8756 Head itemID: 0x2DB4 / 11700 The...