pub 54

  1. tass23

    ServUO Pub 54 Repo

    This ServUO repo is the same Pub 54 that was released through GitHub, which includes the Third-Party content that was removed/changed in and after Pub 57. This was only added by request from community members to merge into the current and future repos. GitHub link: ServUO Pub 54 Repo...
  2. alchimyst

    Clean ServUO pub 54 with OWLTR 4 and Animal BODs 2.0

    This is an updated version of my ServUO pub 54 server repack with OWLTR4 and now stand alone Animal BODs installed for use with the latest client . This is recommended for clean server installs and will save many hours of banging your head against the table as the awesome OWLTR4...