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Clean ServUO pub 54 with OWLTR 4 and Animal BODs 2.0

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This is an updated version of my ServUO pub 54 server repack with OWLTR4 and now stand alone Animal BODs installed for use with the latest client .

This is recommended for clean server installs and will save many hours of banging your head against the table as the awesome OWLTR4 system is already installed and good to go.

New bonus with this repack is the inclusion of stand alone Animal Bods.
Just use the [helpinfo command and enable them from the menu and simply place FS Animal Trainers wherever you wish.

I highly recommend you do not try to merge anything as things are most assuredly going to blow up on you as the distros are HEAVILY edited. ;)

Many many many thanks to Hammerhand for helping out with getting this going and Joshua for helping narrow down some oddness.

Btw I do apologize as I screwed up and deleted the original version of this resource instead of updating, hence this new resource. DERP! I would imagine your saves should work ok as there wasn't too much that was messed with other than baseinstruments.cs.

Resource is above but you can also get it and the latest client via dropbox at


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