1. FS ATS inspired, full native system integrated Animal Taming BODs with reward XML configurator 1.0.0

    Provide a native, system integrated Animal Taming BODs system with XML configurable rewards. Credits The system itself is inspired by RoninGT (RoninGT) FS-ATS with Taming BODs and the contributors around this system. Some example rewards are based on his code (WoodenHorseStatue...
  2. Misc ScriptVisitor Utils 1.0.2

    This is a CS sources library collection to maintain versions separately. Other releases may rely on this and will be linked via "Requirements" if so. ! This resource provides no mechanics used standalone !
  3. Ultima Store items made simple - by XML configuration with custom tooltip text 1.0.2

    Customize your Ultima Store Sovereigns Shop without (when setup once ;) ) code change simply by adjusting an xml config file. Features: based on ServUO pub57, commit fc0ecac64ed0911076a757447322b152001c25b1 [fc0ecac], Nov. 10th 2022 tested with classic client few mandatory fields...
  4. Advanced Archery Pub57 Advanced Archery Pub57 v1.01

    THIS PLUGIN WAS ORIGINALLY "Lucid Nagual's Advanced Archery" and only been updated for Pub57 by me. I made no other changes, or any contributions to this plugin. A friend of mine sent me a .zip of Advanced Archery and I made it compile in Pub57 for him. I do not know the original creator or...