FS ATS inspired, full native system integrated Animal Taming BODs with reward XML configurator

FS ATS inspired, full native system integrated Animal Taming BODs with reward XML configurator 1.0.0

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ScriptVisitor Utils 1.0.2 - https://www.servuo.com/archive/scriptvisitor-utils.1887/
Provide a native, system integrated Animal Taming BODs system with XML configurable rewards.

The system itself is inspired by RoninGT (RoninGT) FS-ATS with Taming BODs and the contributors around this system.
  • Some example rewards are based on his code (WoodenHorseStatue, PetPowerScroll)
  • The list of tameable animals, the grouping and small / large bod distribution has been widely adopted
Due to the high grade of integration, the Animal Taming BODs system once installed and worldsaved CAN NOT be easily removed again. Technical: BOBSmallEntry.cs and BOBLargeSubEntry.cs got new properties that are serialized with adjusted version.

What happens if changes outside the Customs scripts folder are turned back to official again?
During world load the deserialization will break without proper treatment. That will cause deletion of the then broken Bulk Order Books -> so once the Animal Taming BODs integration is turned back, all Bulk Order Books will be deleted (and with them all the containing BODs) if not taken care in BOBSmallEntry.cs and BOBLargeSubEntry.cs beforehand.

  • full working native Bulk Order Book with filter / pricing etc.
    • no exchange of BOB needed, integration works "out of the box"
  • BodAnimalTrainer NPC provides "Bulk Order Info" and working "Bribe" mechanism
  • using cliloc IDs for animal names if defined
  • XML backed rewards configuration
  • reward points based on taming difficulty of the wanted creature and required pet slots



This is more a 'technical release' than a polished ready to use complete system due to inbalanced reward points.
  • There are not many reward items defined (customize your wanted rewards via xml configuration, example given)
  • The gold and points reward calculation need to be balanced
    • adjust to your needs once in TamingRewardCalculator.cs and its use of TamingRewardFormula.cs
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