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FS ATS inspired, full native system integrated Animal Taming BODs with reward XML configurator - System integrated Taming BODs

Provide a native, system integrated Animal Taming BODs system with XML configurable rewards.

The system itself is inspired by RoninGT (RoninGT) FS-ATS with Taming BODs and the contributors around this system.
  • Some example rewards are based on his code (WoodenHorseStatue, PetPowerScroll)
  • The list of tameable animals, the grouping and small / large bod distribution has been widely adopted

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The largetamingbods get corrupted when you take them out of the bulk order book. heres the line i need to figure out,

case BODType.Taming: bod = new LargeTamingBOD(m_AmountMax, ReconstructEntries()); break;

it only gives the amount you have and no name of what you need. Hope someone can help me out.
If you need the whole script let me know.