1. cansirus

    pet does not travel with the owner

    I'm looking for a way for pets to travel with their owners when using recall and not just the door. I will be grateful for the help.
  2. Ixtabay

    HomeStone 1.2

    The Home Stone allows players to set a home location in any inn, or in a house they own. By default, the stone can be used every 15 minutes, but this can be adjusted. private static readonly TimeSpan delay = TimeSpan.FromMinutes( 15.0 ); private static readonly TimeSpan totalDelay =...
  3. Zack

    Guild Travel Stone (Recall to Guild-mates) 1.1

    This is a barebones version of my Guild Travel Stone that I am using on my shard. This does the basics of what is intended. Installation: Drop in Customs Folder and Re-compile. Usage: [add GuildTravelStone 1. Add the GuildTravelStone to your backpack. 2. Double click on the stone. 3. Type the...