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Guild Travel Stone (Recall to Guild-mates) 1.1

Recall to your guild mates with this magical travel stone.

  1. Zack
    This is a barebones version of my Guild Travel Stone that I am using on my shard. This does the basics of what is intended.

    Installation: Drop in Customs Folder and Re-compile.

    Usage: [add GuildTravelStone
    1. Add the GuildTravelStone to your backpack.
    2. Double click on the stone.
    3. Type the name of a fellow guild-mate.
    4. Watch as your character recalls to your guild-mates current location.

    (If it does not find an online player with that name, you will receive the message, "We did not find an online member of your guild with that name.")
    (Note: in this version, no mana/reagents/skillchecks are used. It just shows the "recall" text above your characters head.)

    This is great for PvM based shards that don't have to worry about PK/PvP balancing. Like stated above, this is the item in its simplest state, no added features. I wanted to at least post it so that individuals with as much/less experience than I (not very much) can have something to look at and work off of when dealing with very basic prompts and mobile searches.

    Have fun! Always down for discussion!
    - Aumbix
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