1. TheArt

    Art Stone Floor Sets 2021-05-03

    Here's some random bricks. There's a rainbow stone set, an ace stone set, a trans stone set, a bi stone set, green, grey, random stone, and brown. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. TheArt

    Art Custom Stone Walls 2021-04-29

    Here's some custom stone walls.... My windows suck a little bit but eh, oh well. :) Hope you like these anyways. These are 100% custom, I made them, they are my artwork. Hope you enjoy!
  3. TheArt

    The Art's Donation Stone 2020-04-20

    TheArt's Donation Stone, Credit for command goes to Exale from Servuo and dmurphy for helping her. Created Gump for command. If you do not have KnivesChat 1.2 Reborn, I would suggest getting it so the gump makes sense. Link to KnivesChat Reborn 1.2...
  4. abu

    Orestones 2017-12-04

  5. Zack

    Guild Travel Stone (Recall to Guild-mates) 1.1

    This is a barebones version of my Guild Travel Stone that I am using on my shard. This does the basics of what is intended. Installation: Drop in Customs Folder and Re-compile. Usage: [add GuildTravelStone 1. Add the GuildTravelStone to your backpack. 2. Double click on the stone. 3. Type the...