1. Erachiro

    Erad's Creatures and Monsters 1.0

    Collection of various creatures I am scripting over time
  2. Custom Grave Digging Harvest system help

    Hey, so I'm creating a new harvest definition, Grave Digging, for the Mining harvest system. I have the system mostly working.. The only real issue is that there's no cap on the number of resources that can be harvested from one vein and it just allows you dig at one grave infinitely. Here is...
  3. ImaNewb

    Resource Archive

    Here is a list of some resources I have archived. Alot of this material is archived already such as and some of it is not. I wanted to post this incase we ever lose any of the other resource links so at least this will be available to...
  4. Shazzy

    Kings Collection Ship Paintings 1.0

    these are the east and south Ship Paintings that give a heavy cannon charge once per day. I will release the others later this week, Here is the link to the information. Enjoy!!!!!
  5. Shazzy

    Goods Chest 1.1

    This is a merchants goods chest you can set to spawn. It sells one commodity in a large amount. Within the script, I would look to see how much is being charged for each commodity and change it to suit your server. This is a nice gold sink and also I am sure the players will be more than happy...