role play

  1. Imperius RP - Looking for rpers for beta launch

    Hello, we are in the beta phase of our server and are looking for players with roleplay backgrounds who are interested in participating. We are a mid-fantasy server running a fully custom map, custom art and gumps as well as many custom scripts. We're looking to run a lot of interactive quests...
  2. Lydia

    Myth - High Fantasy UO RP Shard with DnD type play

    Hello, A couple of us have been working on a new shard. Custom map, with custom story and lore. Heavily RP based. Alpha is planned to start in a month. We are looking for players but also RIGHT NOW people interested in helping with our project. This is a shard that we hope to have a huge RP...
  3. Sarenrae

    Roclasmpy Is Looking for Players!

    Do you have a passion for role play? Are you tired of other people telling you how to play your characters? Does it bother you when someone else tries to write your character's story instead of you? Would you like the freedom to allow your stories to unfold naturally and without restrictions? Or...