Do you have a passion for role play?
Are you tired of other people telling you how to play your characters?
Does it bother you when someone else tries to write your character's story instead of you?
Would you like the freedom to allow your stories to unfold naturally and without restrictions?
Or the freedom to build a house or city with amazing customizing options? (Admin help may be required)
Does the idea of a server that has plenty of room for multiple storylines sound appealing?​

If you answered yes to any of the questions above,
ROCLASMPY might be the server for you!

What you need to know:

Up to date with current UO expansions. Like Siege, all facets are fel rules. Not to worry though, we aren't savages!

We are still adding new things, building, updating areas, and working to add new codes. We are NOT a finished server! That means we have lots of room to grow, and lots of room for you to be a part of that and to leave your mark forever in the digital world! It also means there is quite a bit we want to add to our server, and some that we know needs fixing, and it's just going to take some time.

Rules! Not knowing the rules is not a good excuse for breaking the rules. They are posted, be sure to read them!

Drama! For role-play, we love it! Outside of role play, we put a quick end to it and have little to no patience for it.

Respect! We are an eclectic group and welcome people from all walks of life. In order for this to work, everyone has to show respect for one another!

Compromise! We have a lot of ideas in place already. But we want to be able to add your ideas to our world as well! For this to work, not only will we have to compromise, but you might have to as well.

Understand that while we are flexible on a lot of things, our goal is to treat everyone fairly, provide a server for fun role play while allowing for creative freedoms. But just because we are flexible and willing to compromise, does not mean we can approve every RP idea. (For example, I built Wolves Hollow and it is the capital of the Wolf Kingdom and I also play the leader of the said kingdom. I am willing to have my character have to fight for her crown, to even lose her title, and be exiled, but am not willing to have Wolves Hollow rebuilt, as over a year of work was put into building it and adding it to our maps.)

Who are we looking for?

Role players! Both experienced and newbies alike!

Experienced IT coding people that can help fix some of our bugs and help to add new amazing content would be amazing to have too! (Several of us are still learning, and while we might be veterans of UO and to RP, we are still newbie coders!)

Check out our forums

Or contact us using the methods below

Severn #2439 on Discord
Keitaro #3169 on Discord
Anfalas #0994 on Discord

Or message us on our Forums:
Send a PM to Sarenrae (aka Severn)
Send a PM to Morgana (aka Keitaro)
Send a PM to Anfalas

Or Email us at [email protected]

Please give us 12 hours for a reply back as RL comes first, jobs are a thing, so is sleeping.
We promise to get back to you as soon as possible!​