1. SithLordSky

    RunUO Oldie

    So. I have a question. I'm trying to set up a Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Server for my friend and I. While we've been able to tweak and fix a lot of things, one thing I'm having a huge issue with, is nothing but the Vendor's are spawning. No mobs, no animals, no decor. I remember using...
  2. ImaNewb

    Problem with Razor Negotiator (RunUO)

    I am having a problem getting razor negotiator to compile. I have a custom server that was modified from UOGamers Rebirth. This is the error I am getting. I believe the script is mostly the standard Razor Negotiator. using System; using System.Collections; using Server; using Server.Network...
  3. SimonOmega

    Console.WriteLine("Hello World!");

    Salutations, I am the brother of @Sareus. I was around in the RunUO days. Most of my contributions were in helping RunUO support Mono and in Expansions.UOR / Expansions.T2A. I had to take a hiatus from RunUO years ago for family and career. I've been lurking in the shadows, thought I would...
  4. Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) 1.1

    Virtual Player Vendor (PlayerVendor Bot) A low-population/solo shard player vendor system by Gadget2013. Version: 1.1 Out-of-the-box (drag and drop) compatible with: RunUO 2.2, RunUO 2.4.1, RunUO 2.6, RunUO 2.7 (build 28382), ServUO Publish 54, ServUO Publish 55.1, ServUO Publish 56.1...
  5. Ultima Odyssey Extensions Pack 1.8

    This is a collection of minor and sometimes not-so-minor modifications (extensions) for Djeryv's Ultima Odyssey, a solo/multiplayer adventure game powered with RunUO 2.1 and Ultima Online client If you don't yet have Ultima Odyssey, you can download it from here...
  6. Finaltwist

    [RUNUO] Lady Luck 2020-04-13

    This is a script i butchered from DATT99's OWTLR. originally part of the token system there, i wanted a simple lottery system for my solo server. This script works with RUNUO, so some minor changes may be required for servUO. how it works: place lady luck somewhere players can buy lottery...
  7. How do I create a new Server.exe?

    Hello. I'm sorry if I'm bringing this up wrong :) How do I create a new Runuo.exe file? I'm going to make some changes in the exe I'm going to create, so I need it. Note : I have open source ultima online, but i don't have Runuo.exe in it Thanks for help :)
  8. LizzyBELL

    Is there anyway to make it so you can drink a potion without having to de-equipped a weapon.

    Is there anyway to make it so you can drink a potion without having to de-equipped a weapon. It says in chat you must have free hand to drink a potion. I am trying to figure out how to remove that so I can drink the potion with a weapon in my hand. RunUO
  9. Request For MyHunger 2017-08-22

    I really want a meaningful hunger, thirst, exhaustion, disease ect mod for my survival shard, could some one port this runUO hunger pack? Or point me to a better one?